Oral History Interview with Mary Procter and Halcy Bohen

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Oral History Interview with Mary Procter and Halcy Bohen


Beginning in the fall of 1969, Halcy Bohen, Assistant Dean of Students, and Mary Procter, Assistant to the Provost, worked together to welcome the first class of 171 undergraduate women to Princeton University. In this joint interview, Procter and Bohen discuss the climate at Princeton during that period and their collaboration on accommodations for women, with a particular emphasis on the founding of a full-time childcare center known as UNOW. During her time working in Nassau Hall, Procter was simultaneously completing a graduate degree at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and was an outspoken advocate for women at Princeton and an active member of the National Organization for Women (NOW). Often referred to as the Dean of Women, Bohen served in the administration until 1977 and was an essential resource for women students in those first classes, effecting important changes in residential and academic life for all Princeton students. Together with Patricia Graham, Bohen and Procter formed a triumvirate of women in the university's administration who led Princeton's gradual transition to coeducation.


UNOW & Then, a Voices of Princeton Partner Project


29 June 2019


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Mary Procter and Halcy Bohen


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UNOW & Then, a Voices of Princeton Partner Project, “Oral History Interview with Mary Procter and Halcy Bohen,” accessed January 23, 2020, http://voicesofprinceton.org/items/show/22.