Oral History with Chiara and Livia Goldenstern

Chiara and Livia Goldenstern share their thoughts about the COVID-19 pandemic. They share how they first heard about the virus through the news and from other students at Princeton High School. They reflect on how their day-to-day lives have changed with switching from in-person classes at Princeton High School to all virtual classes and schoolwork. Both observe that they have more free time than before and that this is beneficial for mental health. In describing the atmosphere in Princeton, Chiara and Livia note that many people are taking walks or riding their bikes around the neighborhood, although it seems less friendly since people are not stopping to chat or waving hello. In discussing the national and local responses to the pandemic, the pair share that they think their high school did an excellent job moving to virtual classes and that New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has made tough but good decisions about keeping everyone safe. At the end of the interview, Chiara and Livia speak about their hopes for the future, including their desire to balance their time, that people will enjoy nature more while protecting the environment, and that people will consider what’s most important in their lives after the experience of the pandemic.


COVID-19 Collection


COVID-19 Environment Exercise Future Princeton High School Remote Learning
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